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got nocked back a couple of months ago, just haveing another crack at it.

* Your minecraft username (
Note that this is case-sensitive) ... frozensteam
* Have you been an active TOG member > 6 months?
* If not, do you know an active TOG member who will 'vouch' for you? ... not individualy but, i've posted in the republic forum from SWTOR, i'm sure someone will pop on over and vouch for me shortly
* What other games do you play in/with TOG? ... swtor (republic) and BF:3
* Have you read and understood the "Getting Started in TOG Minecraft" sticky? ... yep.
* How did you hear about the server? ... noticed there was a division as i was lurking the forums. :P
* Why would you like to join? ... i enjoy minecraft but have never played it multiplayer before, thought if i was gonna give it a crack who, better to do it with then the TOG clan?
Do you play a commando?
Why not!!??
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