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* Your minecraft username (Note that this is case-sensitive) ... frozensteam
* Have you been an active TOG member > 6 months? ... nope..
* If not, do you know an active TOG member who will 'vouch' for you? ... nope, although i doubt any of them knows it i've been playing on the TOG servers in BF:BC2 and BF3 for a long time now (year/s?). i only joined the TOG guild recently and havnt had time to get to know anyone yet. i have had direct contact with other long time members since i joined (namely, DarkDuck and Zhul, whom made my Sig), they wouldn't know me from a bar of soap so I'm not about to ask either of them for a reference.
* What other games do you play in/with TOG? ... although i doubt any of them know it, battlefield bad company 2 and battlefield 3. have also joined the SWTOR republic pve guild. I'm on the roster there if u want to verify that.
* Have you read and understood the "Getting Started in TOG Minecraft" sticky? ... yep. i know i don't qualify, just thought I'd give it a crack anyhow
* How did you hear about the server? ... noticed there was a division as i was lurking the forums. :P
* Why would you like to join? ... i enjoy minecraft but have never played it multiplayer before, thought if i was gonna give it a crack who, better to do it with then the TOG clan?

I will vouch for Frozensteam.
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