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I wouldn't pay full price for it. It feels like you're playing an MMORPG by yourself. It's 99% side quests. Story and setting is just very generic fantasy stuff. Graphics are extremely dated. It's far too easy. For an "open world" game it feels very linear.

That said the combat can be pretty fun, playing a chakram wielding mage feels like playing god of war, but when you have spells that stunlock the enemy nothing is really a challenge. I'm sure other classes have the same issues, I know warriors can just block everything.

Games like this are good examples of why I don't listen to reviews. 9.0 and possible GOTY contender from IGN? EA must have paid a lot for that one. I'd say it's a 7.5 at best.

The demo actually gives you a decent idea of what the full version is like and even lets you explore a fair bit but it's on a timer so you don't get to play enough to notice how repetitive it becomes.
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