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Originally Posted by AdmiralTriggerH View Post
I can't wait for 1.2, the door fix is what I'm looking forward to.
That will make wiring doors soo much easier now, no need to invert or do stuff like that.
Yeah, the double doors at each end of the Kelly Gang starting building was a good example of that. We had to invert an inversion for one door of each set so that both doors would be open or closed at the same time.

The main reason that Jens and Jon has been forced to make this change is that the poor villagers etc couldn't work out whether the doors were open or closed. Mojang ended up changing the information in the world data for the doors, so that now the bottom half of a door says which way it is hinged and the top half of the door says whether it is open or not. This is one of the reasons that this snapshot will change your worlds (and potentially screw up existing doors).


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