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Default Minecraft Enchance Showcase (Pic Heavy)

I mentioned in another thread the texture pack I use, so I thought I'd show it off along with some cool shots I've taken on our servers.

All these shots a quite large and can be zoomed for a better look.

I got a shot of a zombie riding a spider


Below I have show that Zombies do care, just for each other and not for us.

Now we have a creeper coming in for a group hug

I also had a little help building my Hotel, from a creeper too bad he was incompetent and ended up getting fired.

One of my first customers in my dining room

A short of the work in progress of my casino floor, care to take a spin?

Shot of the entrance to my Hotel, by the way it doesn't have a name so I'm open to cool names.

A view from the top of the Hotel, a nice shot of Akira's Floating place

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