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Default Castle Testificate AKA End Castle

Greetings Explorers

News arrives to us from the distant reaches of the globe, of a New Discovery. Far out in the vast ocean it was discovered an isolated Castle, a blending of Roman and Europian Architecture, the design of the Castle is semi Prison, Semi Fort.

On investigation it was foudn that deep in the bowls of the Castle lies the Entrance to the End, a mysterious plain where few have stepped.

Travellers, should you feel so bold, venture to he Castle, remember to close the gate behind you and face whatever horros lie within the End, make sure to say hi to the 7 lonely Guards who keep the place in a brilliant state.



++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++
Alrighty that was the Role Play part.

Hola all, with the move of my Place it appears the entrance to the End and a section of the Dungeon moved with me, as such I have created a suitible entrance to hte end, this is a Castle Complex on the surface, and you venture down into the Dungeon (DC retirement Home) before finding the End Portal

All are Welcome but please mind the Work, don't break things to get to the End you can walk there through the Doors. (though it is a slight Maze)
__________________________________________________ ____________
Map of Area

The Entrance

Inside hte Entrance

Bridge Cross Troubled Lava

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