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I'll repost this from the admin section; It should be here for all to read..

Originally Posted by Ancient_One
A few questions:
What is the team based play like?
Is their a means of teaming up in this game togeather?
Any chance this could work for us.?
I guess now that it's PUBLIC beta, I can disclose some of this stuff

The team play is very good. If you have a team with mics and common sense, they'd absolutely dominate.
At the moment I find a lot of "lone wolf" players, but I just happened to get on a team with a couple of guys who, even though I was the only one with a mic, really pulled together and we got the flag 3 times in about 12 minutes.
If you have a couple of guys in cars, a couple of guys protecting in hawks, and a couple of bods on the ground building turrets in the enemy camp to keep them busy, it can really make a difference.
The hardest thing to contend with is the level 1&2 newbies who don't *get* the fact that building walls everywhere not only wastes finite resources (eg, when you want to build a spawn point in the enemy camp you can't because there's 300 walls around your home base), but it also hinders your own guy getting back HOME to the base WITH the flag.

I can't state it enough - the "build and battle" system (ie, build turrets, walls, weapons, armouries pretty much anywhere you need them) turns the usual "run to the other base and try not to get killed" idea on its head. It's just plain fun.
I have literally chuckled as I've snuck behind enemy lines, erected a spawn point and watched as my team mates all suddenly drop in on the bewildered couple of sentries left behind on the enemy base.
OR, found myself pinned down inside a structure or behind a rock and been able to escape by erecting a turret in front of me... behind my would-be attacker(s).
Lots of fun. And I haven't even mentioned the Hawks that turn into mechs for ground battling...
(You can even "stomp" on ground troops in the Mech. it's awesome fun.)

Oh, it's also gotta be said - I'm very similar to you in Warhawk, A_1; I much prefer to be a tactical ground troop than in a Warhawk - I get shot down too easily, 'cos I'm a crap pilot. But in Starhawk, I find I actually enjoy the odd bout of dogfighting as well. The hawk is a good way of getting energy ("Rift") quickly so you can build more useful structures. And yes, you can swoop in, drop a turret/wall/spawn point/vehicle base right into the middle of an enemy base without having to land the Hawk.
OR, there's a smaller jetpack (like the "Fallen Star" addon to Warhawk) that allows you to use your regular troop weapons whole airborne - rifle, rocket launcher, grenades, etc.... (And be blokes have played enough MAG and/or Warhawk with me to know my mantra... Prox Mines FTW!)

When you spawn, you drop from the sky in a pod. That spawn pod can ALSO be used as a weapon... in fact, you get an in-game bonus for dropping a pod ON an enemy and killing them. The first time you do that will put a big grin on your face, I can guarantee.

If you haven't yet seen any gameplay footage (and there's plenty appearing on Youtube now) Think of it as a cross between a third-person shooter and "tower defense". With mechs. How can that NOT be cool?

Originally Posted by Ancient_One
Looks like you might be taking lead on this one mate. I didn't secure a beta key. Son did and he doesn't play it. To busy.
You should be able to use it. It's not tied to a particular machine or account.
I'd *fully* recommend trying.

Being beta, none of the friend/clan/matching systems are properly operational yet, but it'd be no problem to create a game for TOGgers, if we're all on each others friend lists.
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