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Latest snapshot (
UPDATE: See The latest Minecraft snapshot for new version of this snapshot

WARNING: The snapshot uses the new Anvil world save format. Any world used with this snapshot will be converted into the new format. To convert it back, Jens says:
If you want to revert to the old format, you need to replace the “level.dat” file with the file called “level.dat_mcr”. The new format will write world regions to files called “*.mca”, so your original regions will remain as “*.mcr”.
The main features of this snapshot are:
  • Added new world file format called “Anvil” (256 max height and 4096 block IDs*)
  • Multi-player light calculations do no longer cause affected blocks to be transmitted to the clients, instead the clients will recalculate the light on their own
  • Villagers will repopulate villages based on how many houses there are available
  • Some nights in villages will be worse than others…
  • Added a redstone-controlled light source
  • Decreased chance for the rare mob drops
  • All animals use the new AI system now

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