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Region of the world I live in: Ohio, U.S.A.
My Playstation PSN ID: Ohiomedic
My XBOX XBL Tag: Ohio.medic
My Wii Code: 5854-4188-3140-3707
My 3DS Code: 4897-5948-4308
Preferred game genre: All
Gaming style: Casual
Favourite game of all time: Zelda, or Most things Bioware
Least Favourite game of all time: Where to start......
If I could get just one past game re-made and re-mastered, it would be: Zelda
Currently Playing Online: BF3 and MW3 on Xbox, and SWTOR

Also have the Vita if anyone wants to add me.

SWTOR - Malvorn, Ridef {Rep} Joc'eret, Vor'nn {Imp}; SC: ohio_medic; ESO: @ohio.medic; LOTRO - Pendir, Malvorn TSW - Amunra, Bravo; Origin ID: ohiomedic
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