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Default Spleef

Any objections to the building of a spleef arena on Frontier?
I think there is one on Sanctuary, but I don't play on that server.
I wanted to make a kind of spleef to the death too, filling the underneath with lava or cactus or some other nasty, maybe different water currents to take you to a different death depending on wich area you fall from..

I'll be placing beds and chests to save stuff/respawn, the only loss will be XP and life!

At the moment I'm thinking of building it near my place, but suggestions for a better area are more than welcome. Also I'm not too savvy at stadium type aesthetics so any help/tips or suggestions on what you'd like to see and how to construct it are very much appreciated.

If theres no urgent issues construction will start soon, hopefully this weekend and will start out small and grow/change as to whats needed.

I'm thinking snow blocks for the floor, considering we have a fair bit of snow around Frontier spawn now. Probably with room for multiple levels/floors to accomodate less or more players.

Let me know your thoughts guys,
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