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Thank you for your response.

I appreciate your offer and your more then welcome to be on our side - we would be happy to have a toggy play with us =D

Officially inside WolfPack we have 32 plus about 8 players spare - unofficially we have about 25 that turn up - but we are resolving issues and getting final confirmation tonight - ready for the big day tomorrow.

There is a reason why I am making another post.

1.) We have reduced the spawn time of the vehicles from 100% to 50% - if there is objects we can change this back.
2.) The server will have a complete restart before scrim time to ensure best possible play

I will connect to your teamspeak on Saturday about 18:50 Sydney time to provide you with the password

We will place TOG on the US side to start with and then rotate maps - which will place us on the correct sides upon restart
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