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Thanks for your input guys, I haven't been able to get online much lately due to RL but this weekend I plan on atleast picking a good area and laying down some foundations, any objections to using Duck's allocated space for the lethal one instead? Thats what I'm really angling for and sounds like most are interested in.
Anyone cook up any good traps/death scenarios? I'm thinking possibly wide water currents underneath the arena, could do atleast 2, possibly 4, I'm thinking smooshed up against a cactus wall for a spikey demise, maybe a fall pit, lava and/or fire, possibly a safe landing but into a dark hole full of mobs? TNT would be fun, but would have to be reset, wich would be dangerous and time consuming.. If you can think of a way to make it happen post!

The more layers and complicated the build gets the more time its going to take to get up and running and reset when needed, I'm all for that if you guys want that but otherwise I say we have a pretty standard spleef arena with some pretty interesting inevitable death below.

I'm playing some FPS with another Div. tonight, when thats over I usually wind down with abit of minecraft, I'll go for a stroll to the proposed site and check it all out, hopefully get things moving on the project this weekend.
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