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Hey guys,

Haven't been able to get this started yet, having PC/internets problems so been sorting that stuff out..

I am excited by the interest shown, so it's deffinately a go, just abit of a time-juggling act at the moment.

Brew, I was planning to add in a way to view the deaths, I don't know if/how the winner of the round will be able to yet, but spectators for sure.
I'd planned at first on making the arena around ground level and digging the death section underneath, but seeings as the arena/spleef surface is the easier part I'm thinking of building the traps/death section at ground level and making the spleef surface the roof part of it. At first I plan on building those sections as simply as I can, then was going to see if any resident architects would like to design or help with the building to surround it all.

Apologies this hasn't got off to the start I'd hoped in the timeframe given, but it will happen, and I'm starting to get abit minecraft home-sick so PC problems aside it won't be too long..

Thanks for all the interest shown, hope to see you online soon.
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