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Totally unimpressed thus far. I think this game cashes in on the big names associated with it far more than it should. I enjoy RA Salvatore's books but just can't get past the basic nature of the quests and the pedestrian combat to enjoy the storyline. McFarlane did the graphics? Yay, so WoW circa 2009 is now something to brag about?

Nevermind the bugs (took forever to work out the trick to binding ESDF rather than WASD*), the crappy FOV, lack of eyefinity support (hell, WoW and most other MMO's already allow this) and the crappy inventory system (worse, imo, than Skyrim which was already pretty ordinary).

*For those who wish to know, the trick is bind up, right, down, left to your new keys (excepting arrow keys which are bound to the arrows) and you'll get your settings to stick.

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