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Originally Posted by Ancient_One View Post
I played a pretty much ground based strategy tonight and was enjoying it. Seems to be less people jumping into the StarHawks and more willing to shoot it out on the ground. Time will tell of course which way the winds will blow with this.

I await your call up Captain.
The speeder bikes, heavy tanks and the 'Dust' 32-player map only got released last week - so people may be focussing on them for a bit until the novelty wears off. The hawks are still the dominant strategic vehicle, as they were in Warhawk.
But IMHO, the Starhawk's mech capacity makes them a lot more fun to use than Warhawk. They *are* handy for going from point to point, amassing rift quickly then raiding the enemy position, purely because of their speed. And the fact that you can 'swoop' down and build an offensive weapon on the fly (many a time I've dropped a spawn beacon right IN the enemy base) is a stroke of brilliance.

Originally Posted by George View Post
Bugger still another week until my PS3 lands.........
We'll be waiting, George.

A1, I'll send you and Chief a clan invitation next time I'm on. (Been working late this week and just plain too exhausted to play).
George, which PSN login will you be using, I'll preemptively send you one too.
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