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Default Wednesday 16s GA match vs NSOF


Have tried sending PMs to captains through GA ladder, but not sure they are getting through, it may be my nubness but they sit in my outbox not in sent... So thought I would post here instead.

RE: GA ladder 16 v 16 scheduled for 8:30 Wednesday TOG Hellions vs NSOF.

Was wondering if there was any chance of playing the match a little later?

GA forces the three different hours challenge thing which is why we had to offer the 8:30pm timeslot, but we have almost half our team in QLD and they are an hour earlier than us - so an 8:30 start is actually a 7:30 start for them. With most of us being parents with young families it makes it hard for them to get there on time.

Would be great if we could start at 9:00pm or 9:30pm.

Completely understand if it doesn't suit you guys to move it back, but thought it was worth asking just in case.



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