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Originally Posted by Chief View Post
Nice to know it won't be so consolised, but I remember a time when those things were all standard features for a PC release.
I remember a time when it wasn't always certain that computers would have a mouse, like with the C64 - many games of that era often had clunky keyboard/mouse/joystick driven interfaces because they were designed and ported across multiple systems (C64, IBM-PC, Amiga).

The only way we're going to see this "issue" go away is if a single system monopolises the gaming market, and that would probably be a worse situation IMO.

At least joysticks are much more standardized on the PC thanks to consoles. I do not miss the days of having to calibrate and re-map every single game to my generic 2/4/8 button joystick.

There were also a lot of games where you simply couldn't remap the keys, they'd often come with large fold-out keyboard size sheets telling you what each key does in the game.
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