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Default Silent Hill: Downpour

I'm not sure if silent hill belongs on this forum, but it DOES have guns in it. and besides, where else would it go?

I haven't seen too much written about this game so far, so i'd like to give you guys a little insight on it. I haven't gotten that far in the game yet but so far it feels like a cross between Alan wake and condemned. it's creepy enough that it's actually made me yell out loud several times already, and I am NOT easily scared. in my defense, however, I play it alone at night with my surround sound headset on. my wife has already come out a few times and told me to shut up.

The reviews are correct in that it could use more creature variety, but what I've come across so far hasn't exactly been girl scouts. and like I said, I haven't gotten too far into the game yet so i'm sure there are more monsters coming.

they've also said the combat is county and that it's hard to aim a gun. i'm not sure why they said this. combat is fine with me. you can block, swing and hard swing. yeah, weapons break a lot, but there are always more to be found. and so far, I've had no problem aiming the gun.

i don't see why any silent hill fan wouldn't enjoy this entry into the series.
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