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Hey all.

We have a problem. Because of the circumstances (NSOF requested a time change) we used the NSOF server. I think this caused a problem with the scoring? For some reason it shows we won when it was a win to NSOF with a score of 242-0.

Or maybe they did not enter there score as per rules:
Captains of both teams must immediately enter the agreed score in the GameArena ladder system. Failure to do this may result in one or both teams forfeiting the match. Captains must check their Contact email address to confirm that they have received email confirmation of the score entry. If a score is not entered by the due time then the team may forfeit the match.

TOG|Hellions Loss 0 - 0 (Not So Old Farts Forfeited)08:30pm 21/3/2012
I've never had this problem before but I have PM'd Adsa to see what the go is.

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