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Ahh, I was afraid of that, there is another option, I could just do missions (just thought of that as I pressed reply )
I think I need to redownload Click saver, it's not working, it will not update
May be a good opportunity to see what this is like MMO Toolbox not sure if it was mentioned, but on a update during my time away, they have added more Daily missions, one is to kill a Dyna , at your level or higher. but it does give leave way to allow you to hunt one just lower then your level, I was told the higher the level you are the bigger that spread is, one example was, a level 60 may not kill a lvl 50 dyna, and count, but a level 100 could kill a lvl 85 dyna and it will count. So it seems the higher the level the easier it'll be to hunt lower level Dyna's saying you are soloing with a weak soloing character

I noticed the population is even lower then what it was 6 months ago,
not like I'm social and want to talk to others, but the less players in the game makes it tougher to seek help. I read only times to play are prime time if your lft or battlestations
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