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I think I left out a role. Pro-duelist. He's the guy who can pick apart anyone, in any role, because he skis like a capper, shoots like a chaser and routinely clocks up 20+ kills a match. He's probably a hard core Tribes vet, and his role is essentially to be a cross between Conan and Robocop. If a tank is spawned, he kills it. If a shrike is spawned, he spawns one too and fights it, and kills that too. EVERY TIME. They used to have female avatars in Tribes, they had to take them out because Pro-Duelists were making them pregnant just by looking at them.

Your best defence against the Pro-Duelist is a few tribesmen around you and hopefully a few scoring shots before your impending death and respawn, because the only way to beat these virile hunks of Chuck Norris flavoured destruction is by ganging up on them. There is no shame in this.

To be a Pro-duelist you have to go back to 1998 and start playing Tribes 2 around about then. If nothing else, dying to them should teach you (slowly) what NOT to do in a duel. If you get tired of dying to one, spectate for a while.

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