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Flag Clearer means clearing the enemy flag of mines, shields, and other nasty deployables that are hazardous to a capper's health. Can be done by any of the heavy classes, or some of the medium classes like the Soldier and Raider. Can be done in conjunction with Gener-hating duties.
Flag clearing? Why thank you, go right ahead! If you're flag clearing, air strikes are quite useful. Flag clearing as a heavy? Probably take a Jugg, use the mortars. As a medium? Soldiers are good, a tech can be hilarious too, especially with the thumper equipped. And once you've cleared the flag, cover the flag carrier, duel with their chasers to distract them, or switch your efforts to the chase for your own flag, whatever you can usefully do. Unless you're flag clearing in conjunction with gener-hating, in which case, thanks for clearing the stand and enjoy your fractal rave at Club Diamond Sword.
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