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Another snapshot is out. This is basically what will be in MC 1.2.5 but they are giving Bukkit etc a bit of an advance warning. 1.2.5 will be release next Wednesday.

Minecraft 1.2.5 Prerelease

Unfortunately the 1.2.4 patch included a severe crash bug in the world generator, so we feel itís necessary to officially patch the game again. We are aware that many of you use modded clients or play on the bukkit server implementation, and that patches causes a lot of overhead for you. Neither are officially supported of course, but itís not in our interest to make it hard for people to play the game. The best compromise we could come up with was to make a pre-release of 1.2.5 today, and then update the game ďfor realĒ a few days later. This will give both modders and bukkit a few days to prepare for the release.
  • Client download: JAR
  • Server download: JAR or EXE
The above article also briefly discusses the two day design meeting the entire MC team had about the Mod API.

It has a huge lists of changes/fixes, but some are:
  • Made cats less eager to sit on things
  • Made cats less patient
  • Fixed world generation failing under certain circumstances
  • Removed all ghost entities under the command of Lord Herobrine


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