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Originally Posted by DaedalusAlpha View Post
This way Bukkit would have the first week to fix their release version, and mod developers the second week after Bukkit is done. Then as the release goes live everything is already updated.
There are a few problems with that. For a start, Mojang are impatient and they won't want to release a version that has been sitting there doing nothing for 2 weeks. 4-5 days they can "wait" but not 2 weeks.

Secondly, Bukkit too is an on-going project and it has been shown that yes, they can "update" to the new code within a day, but their testing and fixing takes at least 2 weeks before they release a RB. Mods then can take another 2 weeks depending on how much Bukkit has changed since the last Bukkit RB. While Bukkit too could restrict itself to just update its RBs, not its dev versions, that is not their nature.

It is unfortunate but with the IP restrictions that Mojang quite fairly places on its code, they can't really work well with outsiders (even if some of them are now insiders).


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