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Default FireFall TOG Army discussion thread.

Firstly, nothing I will post here is in breach of the NDA for FireFall beta testers. Everything comes from their public forums, where discussion is welcomed from people who haven't yet gained an invite and you can read this stuff even joined the FireFall community. Please bare the NDA in mind while it persists, if you're posting here as a tester, no spoilers.

Now, Mesar was saying in the Tribes Ascend forum about the possibility of a TOG division for firefall, an idea I 100% support already, without even having played the game. It certainly seems, from what I've read, that the game lends itself to guildy, teamy, army-y kinds of organisations very well indeed.

It appears from]this thread that there are already groups on various servers called armies which players can (and probably should) join. These servers and the armies that populate them are also apparently location specific. Right now it looks like Asia is the nearest thing to an Oceanic server, though US and European servers are catered to as you'd expect. I also get the feeling the more interest and players we could field from Australia, the faster we'd see a server rolled out here. (no, there's no provision for private servers, it's an team based, persistent environment for PvE, instance based PvP, MMO/RTS/FPS. It'd be like asking for a private guildwars server. The best we can hope for is Red 5 eventually puts a server here.)

I figured we needed to start giving this topic of an Army, or which army to get involved in, some serious thought. For myself, obviously I want team up with my mates from TOG, considering this is a team and class oriented FPS with a huge amount of emphasis on co-operative play. However, without many clan mates already in the game, that means we'll be starting from scratch. How best to do that? Do we wade in as brothers in arms and just see how we fare, or hook up with other groups initially, get established, gain some experience and knowledge and then remember where our loyalties lie and build a TOG army later?

thoughts? comments? criticisms?
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