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Default FireFall ToG player list

Beta participants please post in game names here so we can add each other.

In game, press enter to open your chat menu. type invite/ {username} to invite them to join your squad (or type /accept if you've been invited to theirs.) Type /w {whisper} to send a whisper (and note whispers are sent even if the player is not online.)

Forum > IGN list (post IGN to be added)

Adendis > Adendis
exekewtable > Fishface
Firebrand > Firebrand
Jector > Jaetori
Noises > AngusMcSplatter
mawmon > mawmon
Mr Brewsk i> MrBrewski
Queeg500 > Davonator1
Shinjo > Shinjo
Skarpa > skarpa
Snott > Snott
sschrupp > Kalizaar
Vaiai > Vaiai
Yvnu > Yvnu

Also remember we have a FireFall TS channel (in the FPS section,) and as of the April 26 2012 patch, there is now an in-game friends list. Hit enter to open the chat menu and type /friend {username} to add users as friend, and /aceptfriend to (obviously) accept a friendship invitation.

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