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Default Tower of Dodfisk

So, figured I'd post a handful of pics so those who haven't been down in the SW corner of Frontier can see roughly what's going on. So far, I've estimated that I've used roughly 27,000 blocks so far, with another 4000-5000 to go to finish the tower.

Looking down from about halfway up (now). You can see the rim of the tower, and the ground fading out. This was taken after we'd upgraded to 1.2.5, and I built past the old limit using whatever I'd stored up.

My minecraft cat, who resembles my real cat.

Early on in the construction of the tower. It's currently sitting at a height of about 190 right now, with 30 to go before the next phase begins. Incidentally, 190 is the same height to the ground now, as before the patch from upper limit to bedrock.

Not at all related to this server, this was a fully functional redstone powered train station I built just for kicks.
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