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Another snapshot has been released (Minecraft Snapshot 12w15a)
Just to be awkward, this is what Mojang says about the changes that are included:
@dinnerbone requested to keep the changelog secret, so blame him for this:
  • Censored
  • Censored
  • Censored
  • Some improvements
Dinnerbone himself said:

Originally Posted by!/Dinnerbone/status/190461684563980288
I have a feeling that when one of the features gets discovered, people will simultaneously explode with joy and implode with anger.

Well if you really must know the answer to your questions I'll tell you, but I only have 160 chars to work here. The secret f-
BeeboxVox found one of them:
Originally Posted by!/BebopVox/status/190499430464634880
YES! Dispensers now put carts on tracks and boats in water!!! Brilliant job Bukkit Mojang team!

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