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Default Can I ask some noob questions, please

Guys, I have been searching through the forums for answers to these, I haven't found what I need to know so I'm going to put these out there (and yes, I may be a moron, but not knowing is killing me, literally).
In no particular order.... 1. How do you choose your rifle loadout (suppressor, heavy barrel, etc)... or are they preset until you reach a certain rank? I can't seem to find where to choose them, they just seem to be assigned beforehand and not able to be modified.
2. How do you fire the guided shells in the tank? I have the unlock, I have had a guy in the third seat spot a target, can't work out how to get one off.
3. Same question about TV missiles in heli... worked hard to get the unlock, still just seem to be using the "wait for a lock" missiles on vehicles... was waiting ages and blew up many a chopper to get them, can't use them... AAAARGGGHH.
Is it because I need to rank up more? I have the service stars and full unlocks for both heli and tank, but am only rank 40 "Louie" is this why?
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