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Default Your feedback on MC 1.2.5

We have had MC 1.2.5 for 10 days now. It gave us things like jungles, ocelots, higher airspace, smarter monsters and villagers who like to stay near their homes and golems. I am wondering what you as players think of it? Has it changed how you play? Have you been intentionally been trying out the new stuff?

Also, we had a few small changes to our code of conduct to accommodate the new stuff (cf. Have any of you been bold enough to try to tidy up and beautify NPC villages? Have villagers been overrunning your nearby buildings and you wish you could kill them? Do you have a perfect place to place a dispenser loaded with flame charges (but aren't bold enough to ask an admin for permission)?

Just asking for feedback so we can better understand how people play on our servers.


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