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Default Analogue Gaming (Re-post in more relevant group)

--- FYI: I originally posted this in the Lounge (as I didn't know this TOG group existed) ---

Hi gang,

After a combination of…

- watching “The Dungeon Masters” the other week and fondly remembering playing D&D in High School (in the ‘80s)

- watching “TableTop” on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel

- having a “decades long but not ever having played” interest in Warhammer 40K

…I’m wondering whether my “husband & father” lifestyle might have a bit of time in it for some analogue gaming.

I’ve googled around a bit but the few places I’ve found seem to cater to the teen crowd, especially evident after wandering in to the local Games Workshop store near work.

Can anybody recommend any "face-to-face" gaming groups in Sydney’s Inner West that might welcome a 40-something year old nerd?

The info in the sticky at the top of this group seems to be either outdated or Melbourne-centric, hence the question...


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