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Default New A/NZ Diablo Podcast.

Hey everyone,

Just released the first episode of our new podcast. Hope you all like it.

The Diablo Herald is a brand new weekly podcast covering Diablo news, theorycrafting, and lore.

Hosted by:
Hwaygo (John) - Aus
Highlander (Patrick) - Aus
Weightless (Kurtis) - NZ

With two Australians and a New Zealand-er at the helm you can be sure that we will be talking about issues that are relevant to the A/NZ community!

The first episode can be seen on the Diablo Herald youtube or downloaded through itunes.

Diabloherald - YouTube
iTunes - Podcasts - diabloherald's podcast by Diablo Herald

Going forward the Diablo Herald will be recorded every Monday night. If you would like to suggest a topic or ask a question you can do so by either emailing us or contacting us through the D3Downunder forums.

League of Legends - Hwaygo
Call of Duty: Black Ops - jagojp
Team Fortress 2 - jagojp
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