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Originally Posted by Mixa... View Post
Just Played Max's 3rd map...Very nice. Links work if you are already logged into steam via web browser. Then just "sub" as Max said
Cheers Mixa, I can't believe how easy it is to make a map now. Of course it means it is easy to make bad or overly simplistic maps, and if everyone publishes these it may be harder to find the good ones. I think there is a voting system in place to help sort the rubbish from the good maps.

With hammer it would have taken me a year to learn and have a map completed, if I had the patience that is. 3 maps in a matter of a couple of hours!

Having a TOG community to test stuff out first and get the thumbs up to release it more widely might work.

Is co-op map making a possibility yet, from this editor? It didn't appear to have anything noticeably geared toward co-op.

Anyone got a link to the editor docs?

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