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Now a proud owner of a ps3 3d display.
If loungeroom gaming is your thing then the screen is most likely to small, but as a secondary display for a desk, or a bedside gaming setup (yep im single) its great.
Sadly only a few games support 3d atm.(and simulview even less)
But even as a 2d monitor i love it.

Crysis (dloaded from psn) even thou i played it on pc and was blown away when it first came out, waltzing thru the jungle in 3d is an amazing step up. From shrubs whacking me in the face, jets passing overhead and ironsighting down my rifle, im totally sold! Cant wait to purchase crysis 2.

Other titles have been hit or miss for me. GT5 felt gr8 in 3d and simulview worked well (time to dig out the logitech wheel). Black ops as a 3d game is ok, sometimes great, and ive only had a quick bash of killzone 3. The 3d may be the best of the bunch, but im not a fan of the game atm and i couldnt get simulview to work, it may need a download i assume.

anyway here an interesting view for anyone with a 3d tv and a bit of time on there hands
Simulview on a Passive 3d tv - YouTube
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