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These are not "clans" these are house factions.
Clans are Ghost Bear, Smoke Jaguar, Jade Falcon etc.
Which... as far as being in the game the answer in the FAQ was a "wink"

From deep in the forums.
But seriously, I think some of these factions around here (and by some I mean a metric crap ton) are going to be disappointed when the game comes out and they can't enter their faction name. It seems to me a really scary amount of folks ignored the clause in the FAQs talking about how some units will be reserved.
On top of that there are bloodnames as well.
There is so much lore that hasn't been confirmed.
The only way I could see it to work is that TOG is its own group of mercs who have their own allegiances or none at all.

In saying that.
My allegiance is to Victor.
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