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New Rules
  • Added Training Camp mode. Training Camp is found through the "Play" menu. You will just be placed in a server where you can try out all the gameplay elements of Super Monday Night Combat.
  • Added dialog in Custom Games to prevent players from breaking their lobbies after hitting Start Game.
  • Pros you cannot use are now shown grayed out in the Character Picker.
  • Increased mouse sensitivity slider range.
  • GG Stack & Chip Valvano: Character Specific call outs added.
  • GG Stack & Chip Valvano: Streak VO changes.
  • GG Stack & Chip Valvano: More Commercial VO added.
  • Added blue-yellow nameplate option for those who have troubles seeing red-green.
  • Locker Room customize menu redesigned for clarity and grouping customize slots under their associated Pros.
  • Improved wording on Play menu buttons.
  • Updated MP landing menu: separated out Super Crossfire options from Training options.
  • First Blood, Multikills, Kill Streaks, now send a message to everyone.
  • Annihilator Ready message now sent to everyone.
  • Respawn times now increase after the 30 minute mark.
  • Increased Post-Game Prize drop rate of Uniform parts.
  • Updated resolution options adding 1366x768 and 1360x768.
  • Improved descriptions for Pros.
  • Improved the camera while dead. Especially when the taunter dies while they are taunting you.
  • Juice Boxes now give 1/5 of the juice back rather than 1/4.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed store taunts not updating correctly.
  • Fixed uniforms in the "Featured Items" area not being displayed correctly when first selected.
  • Fixed reselecting a Pro in the store not displaying the Pro's details in the bottom pane.
  • Fixed accepting an invite not always cancelling previous Match Making attempts.
  • Fixed light shaft on item pick ups sometimes lingering.
  • Fixed Play button being on some screens where it wasn't needed.
  • Fixed some older Uniforms not previewing properly in the inventory screen.
  • Fixed Chickey's egg effect from not always playing.
  • Fixed rare issue with both Moneyballs being destroyed at the exact same time.

New Rules
  • Added Steam Trading. Information can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=55&t=23414
  • Added the ability to change chat rooms.
  • Added trading specific chat rooms.
  • Greatly reworked main menu, store and locker room UI.
  • Improved the UberNet login page with password recovery tools.
  • Added new Annihilator console art.
  • Added a time out for Training Bots so that they don't get stuck and lag the server and clients.
  • Added headshot icons to replays.
  • GG Stack and Chip Valvano: Reduced the amount of Kill Streak and Multikill announcements.
  • Reduced the amount of Kill Streak and Multikill messages.
  • Added new icons for all weapons.
  • Added indicator for all 'placed' skill items, seen by allies.
  • Added language filter to chat.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed typo "+$" at the beginning of a Kill Streak message.
  • Fixed tracers from sometimes being the wrong color.
  • Fixed incorrect spawn time increases after the 25 minute mark.
  • Fixed friends list invite window spilling off the side of the screen.
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