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It's a shame it shows a picture of the map, and lists all the things you use - you can't surprise people!

I couldn't find any of Mad Max's stuff... maybe it's just me? Even logged in, the links say the content was removed. I then tried looking at the workshop profile by using the same url Nikolaf posted, but using Mad-Max's steam name, found the profile, and I can "follow" but but it says there are no files..... are they set to friends only maybe?

Will test yours out this afternoon Nikolaf (I'm going to wait until I see other people's before I let anyone see mine, in case the end up being embarrassing )
With regard to the image you see of the map (which means surprises are seen), I think that at the moment you publish your map it takes the viewpoint you have of it in the editor, so set up the view of the map, before you publish.

Don't worry how good or bad it is in our group. Think of us as crash test chamber dummies. If we enjoyed it then make it more widely available, after fixing anything from feedback.
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