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I heard about this game oddly enough from TOGers that were playing this awhile back, and just got into it myself this week. Just finished up my college for this school year, and my work plans fell through so got no work for another month or so. Probaly gonna spend the bulk of my summer on APB then poke my head in on World Of Tanks to keep my newly acquired stripes on the TS channel :P

Was wondering if any other TOGers played this game, or would be interested in it. There is no epic wait ques like SMNC but they trade that off with a pay to win option, of course gold members get there own servers, but when they get bored or full they come say high to the F2P players lol.

Edit: Guess no one does, new question who wants to try it out, got quite a few Aussies on the West coast server I play, also quite a few Russians... This game is so much better with real teamwork, seems like crims are the only ones that work together in PUGs regularly.
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