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Hi Nikolaf, yes my map is finishable in about 5 minutes or less if you know what to do.

In fact there is also an easier way to finish it, as I left a surprise cube around as well. You need 3 cubes to complete it, but there are 4 about..

The main problem is that it is difficult to see the portalable surfaces that you have to utilise, but I can assure you they exist.

I might attempt to make it a little more obvious. [Spoiler]In one case there is only a small viewpoint to the portalable surface, and even then you have to stand on the cube you should have, to point at it. The surfaces you need to point at Nikolaf are through the upper concourse doorway, near the ceiling of the stairwell area, which you can see from that low level prison ward, through the grate, but as mentioned above you need to have gotten the cube a few cells away and stand on it, then portal out of there with it. [/Spoiler]

I tried your maps too Nikolaf, very good, enjoyed them.

I have a rather different gameplay idea I haven't seen before, and I am keen to try out tonight.

Be aware that the editor has a finite limit of objects in the map, and if you go over it, it won't publish the map, as Obsi found out yesterday. Obsi is not one to do things on a small scale lol!

'TOG | Click' do you think that Hammer would have the same limit as this editor? I was wondering if someone had this problem and did not want to compromise it, would they be able to get you to do some magic in Hammer to make it publishable?

I am finding that if you have too many puzzles without enough direction it clutters your mind too much and quickly becomes more annoying than fun, and you spend too much time wandering aimlessly.

P.S. I created a TOG Collection late last night, but haven't sussed out how to use it yet.

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