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I found that I didn't see a place to get out of.
yeah I found that place, by jumping down to it but by then it was 1am, so I thought I'd best go to bed. I definitely needed that spoiler, as I couldn't figure out what to do next.

Be aware that the editor has a finite limit of objects in the map, and if you go over it, it won't publish the map, as Obsi found out yesterday.
It would be nice if it told you what the limit was, I went to rebuilt it to see how it was going (and waited a while for it to start building) then it told me it couldn't build the level because there were too many items, so I removed some, tried again - still too many. After the 3rd try, I managed to get it down enough to build it (which is a shame, as I liked some of the puzzles I had). I'm not sure if it counts lights and glass/mesh walls in that or only the other stuff.

I blame Minecraft

I have 2 maps done:
Steam Workshop :: Test Chamber 1
Steam Workshop :: The Temple
(the first is set to friends only, the second is public)

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