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I disagree, the prototypes are very different, depending on the nation you play, they generally fill in gaps in your army as you move into the late game unless you're USA then you don't really need it because that army is already pretty well rounded.

Proto gaps:
USA: Long range arty
Germany: Armoured AA
France: Decent Heavy Armour and (kinda) Armoured AA
Italy: Armoured AA, Heavy~ish Armour
USSR: Decent Heavy Armour
Brits: Semi-decent ground units.
Japan: Overpowered auto-win machines.

I play RUSE a lot, over 500 hours so far. I'll sneak in a few multiplayer games almost every day.

I tried wargame but it's meh, I dunno, it's trying too hard for realism and it lost of lot of the appeal RUSE has. In my opinion RUSE is the better multiplayer game by a long shot. Wargame might make a good single player game though. RUSEs single player campaign was quite terrible, soooo slow compared to it's multiplayer. The AI in RUSE is also laughable but making a good strategy game AI is night impossible unless you make the AI cheat (like command and conquer).
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