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I was going well. I got into Cherno picked up some gear including a whinchester, map & compass then raided the hospital for supplies all without a problem. Saw some other survivors but managed to avoid them. Headed northeast out of Cherno through Mogilevka then to Stary Sobor.

I hadn't seen or heard anyone else since leaving Cherno but when I got there I heard a couple of shots in the distance so waited a while before it all seemed quiet again. I managed to raid a few buildings but then aggroed a zombie on the other side of the wall when I was in some sort of farm building next to a big empty warehouse.

I took out the zombie without a problem but that alerted more of them and as they just kept coming through the door way. My kill count when from 20 something to over 70 in the space of 5 minutes being trapped in that building. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I had managed to not take a single hit.

I checked all the zombie bodies got a few cans of food and a watch. Walked out of the building around the corner and bang. Two shots and It was over. Didn't even see the guy. Got to remember to not get over confident next time.
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