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Originally Posted by DangerMouse View Post
LOL! I'm just pulling your leg Shovor, it just that the Unity engine is already written for you and you "script" your game in C#

Least you didn't use JavaScript (shrudder)!

@MadMax - I'm the same I don't find Unity intuitive either plus I actually like to get my hands more dirty and code from the ground up (well nearly I don't like doing native DirectX or OpenGL stuff)...

Hows the sale going for you?
Unity is a framework from with you can do a lot of things. Yes most of the engine frame work is already done, that's why you use it so that you can focus on the important thing of actually making something instead of building technology.

Again C# is not a 'scripting' language, sure you can do some simple things with it in Unity through the Mono Behaviour class but if you are a serious programmer then you have a full blown OO language at your disposal. Also if speed is a big concern then you can always write C++ plugin DLLs. Lunar Flight uses several including a wrapper for communicating with the Steamworks SDK.

The problem a lot of people fall into with Unity is assuming its a basic games construction kit which it isn't or dismissing it at face value as not being flexible or powerful enough. You do need to know a fair amount about games programming to create anything beyond what a few tutorials show you. Once you do understand the components based model it uses then you are literally limited by your own imagination.

The great thing with using Unity is that there is a wealth of free or very cheap systems already written that you can integrate into your project royalty free. Lunar Flight uses several modified systems for Achievements, Input Management, Leaderboards. Things that saved me time from writing myself so I could focus on 'finishing' the game and that is the most important thing with any endeavour...
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