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Originally Posted by Sp!at View Post
Hi all,
I've been trying to find a replacement game for good old CoD4 for years but nothing quite fits the bill so I was hoping some of you might share what you've been watching on the games radar.

Specifically I'm looking for a game that:
  • will have a TOG division
  • will participate competitively on a ladder (GA or CG)
  • will have various team-based strategic modes (not just TDM)
  • most likely modern warfare rather than future or WW2 based
  • won't be a sniper-fest
  • won't require uber-fast reflexes
  • will have different classes that have a good balance
  • will be a bit more unforgiving regarding bullet hits (not get hit 20 times and still keep on going)
I've tried a few games now over the years but nothing has been close to CoD4. I stopped buying the new CoD games a while back so perhaps even the latest versions may fit the bill. Battlefield games got close but just didn't feel 'right'.

Red Orchestra was good but wasn't supported in any big way. Brink and Gotham City Imposters were a little extreme and also didn't have a strong ladder competition.

I've got my eye on Counter Strike: Global Offensive as a strong possibility but there isn't a lot of details yet about that game yet.

Any other suggestions?
FWIW, Red Orchestra 2 is having a Free weekend starting today!

Hopefully we can build up some numbers and start doing a comp
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