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I'd just like to float the idea of a designated PvP "danger zone" type area, just a specific, signed, walled (maybe?) area where basically anything gos, PvP, traps, and general mischief, obviously I've taken inspiration from HenriD's fantastic soon to be Hunger Games event and it's popularity.
I'm thinking an out of the way area similar in location and size would be a good candidate.. With the danger of traps and attack from players, an area like that would eventually become quite lucrative for rescource if avoided by those afraid of getting killed.
Aside from the PvP and trap dangers I think it should function like the rest of the world, players being able to build, mine and all the usual stuff. For example while fortifying your claim might better protect you and your stuff from harm, it would also draw attention to the fact that there might be something worth going after...
Players would be free to move mats too and from the area, so long as they acknowledge that they and their items become " fair game " when they enter the area...
Alliances and/or teams would be allowed, a player or players could attempt to dominate the area for his or herself again making the spoils more lucrative for themselves but also anyone game enough to attempt a " break in ".
Players could issue bounties on other players travelling through, bounties would be made public (could use signs like wanted posters) so that the players including the target know who the target is, why and who it's from, allowing them to retaliate with one of their own or sort it out without conflict.
All of this would apply exclusively to a defined area, upping the danger for any game enough to explore..
I'm not pushing hard for this, just gauging interest on the concept, I know alot of players feel it's dangerous enough on Frontier, I also know there are other players that enjoy the PvP and competetive elements too and would welcome the added danger and give something like this a go.

Food for thought, apologies for the length...
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