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Cheers Jugs for the post.

Few queries:
Wasnt BO1 ported?
They say BO2 is using same engine as BO1 so how can they claim its UNported?
"We are happy to report today that the PC version of Black Ops 2 won’t be a simple port from the console" so is all they are saying here is that its going to be difficult as opposed to 'simple'?
So when they say "PC version" i wonder what version they really mean!?!?!

In all thats fair and just i think they should come out with all the details seeing as people are already buying it. I only hope they dont release all the details about all the things relevant to us 2 days before release like they did with MW3

I know i shouldnt get upset as its 5 months to go but i hope this working-it-out( for us) process gets quelled with good info from the source, the developers upwards.

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