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Default Game bugs, TOG rules and item spawning

I have seen videos and heard reports that there may still be bugs in the game that allow some things to be generated out of thin air for players, given certain circumstances. I remind players that we follow both the TOG Codes of Conduct and the Division's Code of Conduct.

The TOG CoC says:
Cheating undermines the very foundation of the TOG spirit. Those found to have cheated, assisted or encouraged others in cheating have no place in TOG.
The Division's CoC says for Frontier:
All players must remain in Survival mode when playing. No flying or item spawning is allowed. The only exceptions are for Administrators solely for administration purposes.
Therefore, the Division regards any item/ore/block spawning, even through the use of a game bug, to be against the spirit of Frontier (or survival mode if you play that on Sanctuary). Hence, it is regarded as cheating. Please do not do this, especially not on Frontier.

The only acceptions are intended gameplay like generating blocks using water and lava.


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