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Dear Diary. After several abortive attempts to mind our own business and not cause problems for other people, which invariably ended up with us getting ambushed and teleported back to the beach with mak and beans, a few of us decided to stop being so seriously nice and do some ambushing ourselves. For the lols, of course.

With an overwatch on the hospital building, we took turns raiding some military buildings over and over, killing anyone who came near them or us. I don't know how many AK-74's, M4's and M24's (D: awesome sniper rifle is awesome,) we pulled out of there, but it was more than we could carry when we left. We raided by day. We switched servers and raided by night. (now that was fun!) We killed, we died, we spawned and came back to kill again. The ingenious part? We had a second building near the military buildings we were looting, also in sight of our overwatch, where we'd drop the loot. So even if we died, we didn't lose much, and the loot kept stacking up. After a night of joyous glorious killing and dieing, we had enough bloodbags to feed a vampire hoard, auto weapons, brutally unfair sniper rifles, ammo, various smoke and frag grenades and epi pens and antibiotics than we could carry.

The best thing? It's right there, any time we want to do it. You die and spawn in the wrong spot, respawn out, spawn again, rinse repeat until you're a five minute run or less from the action. This game is so much more frenetic and first person shootery when YOU pick the engagements.

Oh, and sorry for snarky Noises, Veilo. I had a death sperg about you not firing the dinner bell and it was in poor form, I'm sorry. I was just frustrated because you called out the guy who eventually killed me a couple of times after spotting him through the scope. Your call not to fire, my bad for whining. I should have just said "I'll take overwatch, I don't mind firing." Anyway, it was still more fun than stalking north for two hours only to get shot by some dude you didn't even see.

I humbly submit those of us who die too often should make ourselves useful zerging that loot spawn. Maybe we shouldn't raid the northern markets where the bandits are. Maybe you don't have to play this game as hillman living on rabbits and pond water, counting your survival days. Maybe you can deathmatch to your heart's content and respawn until you're in position to play some more deathmatch down on the coast. Maybe we should just dominate on the coast and ferry supplies to the hillmen in the North.

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