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Dear diary, I managed to work out where I was this morning. I was hungry and the last warm pepsi wasn't filling the hole in my gut. I had 1 round in my trusty little pistol and no food when I decided to scout north from Balota. I found myself at the edge of the airport, all seemed clear as I transgressed from the southern side.

The rusty ladder held my weight as I climed the tower, and success! I found an AK with 1 magazine. The first AR I had seen, let alone found. Unfortunately, there was no food, just another blasted softdrink can and rounds for a 12 gauge.

I left through the airport through a gap in the fence and moved north. I came across an unmarked village not far away. Still worried about food, and somewhat enboldened by the AK, I scouted around. I could see a large shed towards the back of the village. Sneaking through town, paranoid at every sound I turned a corner to see a crawling nightmare about 10 metres away. It decided that I looked like a tasty meal. Luckily, I could take it down with a single pistol shot to the head. I cringed though, waiting for the inevitable to happen.

Silence. Thank god.

I entered the shed slowly, hoping to find some food, it was completly empty except for some tin cans. Cursing my luck, food became more and more an important driver. I should have paid more attention as I left that little village, as I had managed to alert 2 walkers on the northern side. I could smell their horrid breath as I talk these 2 down with the AK, and then about 6 more. My last round out of the AK brought silence again.

I legged it north and then veered into the mountains, hoping to come across a hunting stand. I saw noting for some time until I happened upon a dirt road. I crossed gingerly and followed its length for a few miles. I came across one little village, it was so riddled with cursed ones, I moved on.

Crossing one field, I came across an abandoned tent, waiting for a gunshot I risked it and managed to restock on pistol ammunition.

Success finally came as I happened upon a hunting platform southwest of Kozlovka. 2 zombies that looked like police officers patrolled around. I managed to sneak past them and climb the tower and saw the shining metal of a semi-auto shotgun. I dropped the AK, rearmed, and scouted the field to the north moving in on the barn west of the town. A single head shot talk down another crawler before I headed in. Slowly searching I found plenty of tin cans and some more ammo for the shotty. Not wanting to press my luck, I fled west towards Drozhino, staying high in the fields to the north. I scouted around the town, moved through the fields bearing sourth and came again on the barn from the west. Another crawler was dispatched with shot to the head and I snuck into the barn. On the very first floor I found tinned beans and pasta! I quickly ate one bit of food and contemplated fleeing west again, now that my belly was full.

Greed took the best of me as I climbed the stairs. I had my shotgun out ready. As I reached the top of the stairs, another walked groaned and shambled into the barn. I should have gone prone and waited, I should have switched back to the pistol. I didn't.

My first shotgun blast missed, the zombie came at me up the stairs, as it took a shot to the head my heart shrunk. The living dead swarmed the barn and amassed at the bottom of the stairs, I shot and shot, went through about 16 rounds when they finally reached me. They were still streaming through the door when I finally succumbed. A glorious end to my first story in Chenaraus.
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