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I'm a diehard pc gamer, but I'm a gamer first, and I do own every console under the sun. Having 4 kids we've purchased every console from the Nintendo 64 to the XBOX and the PS3. I think NOT having a console you shortchange yourself because there are a lot of console only titles that are fantastic (i.e. Metal Gear Solid 4, etc.). I digress........

These days you're going to spend around $200-$300 for a new PS3, the price difference is based on HDD size. IMO, you need a 320 GB model unless you plan on downloading A LOT of movies. I've had a 160 GB model for 4+ years and I still have room. There are 2 types of PS3's, the "slim" and the "fat" model, the slim model is the newer of the two, SONY reduced the size of the original fat quite a bit. I'm still using the fat style. I'm always hoping mine dies so I can buy a newer slim but the darn thing just keeps working!

I'm like you; I cannot aim with a console controller, so I bought a console KB/mouse combo but its very finicky and we cannot get it to work. So, I'd be curious as to what your experience is, if you find something that works and works well please let me know.

The thing I LOVE about consoles - their cost and the fact that you don't have to invest money into upgrades every two years. And they require very little fuss to get them working. What I don't like is the controller on first-person shooters, I can hold my own in an online FPS pc title, I cannot on a console. I just purchased a new pc for Star Wars: The Old Republic, so I'm back to playing more games on the pc since I don't have any performance issues as I did with my old computer.

I think the pc is the ultimate gaming platform but sadly the pc gaming landscape has become a forgotten realm for most developers looking for shorter development cycles and increased revenue.
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